Taiwan Meets Silicon Valley

Embracing Diversity and Shared Value through Collaborative Co-Creation and an Innovative Impact Fund Approach, Pioneered by Club Funding.


Established on April 10th, 2014, B Current Impact Investment is a collaborative effort of 43 prominent leaders hailing from various backgrounds and professions in Taiwan and Silicon Valley. As Taiwan’s premier impact VC fund supporting impact-driven businesses, Fund 1 was conceived through club funding, an innovative fund raising model. Moving forward, newly formed funds are managed by Fund 1, serving as their fund manager or General Partner.


B Current fosters social innovation by connecting impact entrepreneurs with socially conscious capital. Our worldwide network enables us to help social enterprises enhance investability, scalability and sustainability. Together, we are building an inclusive and impactful ecosystem that will feed a vibrant river of change.


We are focused on helping impact-driven businesses become scalable and investible, amplifying their impact. We foresee a future where these businesses can provide competitive salaries, drawing exceptional talent and fostering a cycle of growth. Investors and companies will forge productive partnerships, growing in unison. Supported by a mature ecosystem, impact-driven businesses will tackle challenges and inspire positive shifts in conventional corporate practices. Ultimately, the term “impact-driven businesses” will be obsolete as all businesses embrace social innovation.


Rex Wu holds a degree in Business Administration from National Taiwan University. His professional experience spans FMCG companies, food service groups, and agricultural social enterprises. Rex joined B Current in mid-2018, eager to collaborate with seasoned leaders across various sectors in shaping a Taiwanese impact investment paradigm. His investment expertise emphasizes sustainable agriculture and clean energy.

Eve Wang holds a B.B.A in Finance from National Taiwan University and a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University. With a background in corporate banking at JPMorgan Chase and HSBC, she transitioned to the social startup “Do You a Flavor,” which concentrates on poverty reduction. In late 2019, Eve became an investment manager at B Current, aiming to leverage her financial expertise and passion for public issues to channel resources toward social welfare.

Will Fu is an alumnus of NTU Finance and Georgia Tech’s IsYE program. His prior experience includes equity research and trading roles at both international and domestic financial institutions. A firm believer that capital can be harnessed to benefit society and the environment, Will eagerly joined the B Current team. He is committed to collaborating with the team to enhance social welfare, environmental sustainability, and deliver value to various stakeholders.

Meryl Yang boasts an extensive background in digital marketing, project management, and international business development across the technology and public relations sectors. Her varied roles as a social entrepreneur, NPO fundraiser, and research fellow have fueled her desire to advocate for “patient capital” in impact incubation. As a member of the B Current team, Meryl aspires to infuse the world of capital with humanistic values by nurturing the impact investing community.

CK Cheng, the co-founder of Acorn Pacific Ventures in Silicon Valley and B Current in Taiwan, has enjoyed a career split between Taiwan and the United States, dividing his time between corporate and venture capital roles. Leveraging his extensive network in the VC space, CK has forged connections with top talent across diverse regions and industries, affording him a unique perspective to observe industry transitions and development. He also recognizes the discrepancies between objectives and reality, insight and experience, and knowledge and action. He believes that managing this gap is vital to success, be it in entrepreneurship or life. CK is a Commonwealth Magazine columnist and the author of two books: “Imagination of a Small Country” and “Serendipitous Encounters”.

Ray has passionately advocated social entrepreneurship and impact investment since 2007. He co-founded Taiwan’s first social entrepreneurship research initiative in 2007, B Lab Taiwan in 2016, Taiwan Impact Investment Association in 2020, and School 28—the first social innovation school in Taiwan in 2021. Ray’s prior experience includes roles as a Partner at Andersen Business Consulting, Deloitte Consulting, and ABeam Consulting. Motivated by his vision, Ray seeks partnerships to mobilize private capital for the greater public good, creating a sustainable impact that flows like a continuous stream of living water.

Fund 1

Established: April 10th, 2014
Number of Investors: 67

Board of Directors

Chih-Kai (CK), Cheng

Chair, B Current Impact Investment

Ping Chu

Founder, Ken Meng (Aveda in Taiwan)

Simon Juan

Former President, 104 Information Technology

David Chang

Former General Manager, China Credit Information Service

Ray Chen

President, B Current Impact Investment

Freda Chen

Former CFO, IBM Taiwan

Rita Hsu

Former Chair, Allianz Global Investors Taiwan


Frances Pan

Trust Settlor, Whole Person Social Welfare Charitable Trust

Fund 2

Established: June 9th, 2017
Number of Investors: 16

Board of Directors

Chih-Kai (CK), Cheng

Chair, B Current Impact Investment

Steven Chang

Chair, The CID Group

Joe Hsueh

Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Management, National Taiwan University

Bie-jìng Life (Represented by Koobe Wang, Chair)

Jing You (Represented by Jeff Wu, Assistant General Manager)

Industrial Technology Investment Corporation (Represented by Andy Chin, Vice General Manager)


Roy Chang

Founder and CEO, Victory Social Welfare Foundation

Fund 3

Established: April 14th, 2020
Number of Investors: 10

Board of Directors

Dr. Ji Ren Lee

Chair, Cheng Zhi Education Foundation

Chih-Kai (CK), Cheng

Chair, B Current Impact Investment

Yu-chuan Investment, an investment arm of Taiwan Mask Corporation (Represented by Ilad Zhao, Executive Assistant)

Shih-you Investment, an investment arm of WPG Holdings (Represented by Cliff Yuan, CFO)

Sinyi Realty (Represented by Howard Chou, CSO)

MStar International Investment (Represented by Wayne Liang, Founder and Former Chair of MStar Semiconductor)

Chia Hsin Cement Inc. (Represented by Max Lin, Special Assistant to CEO, CHC Group)


Ken Chan

Former Chair, Taisun Enterprise Co., Ltd.

MStar & B Current Impact Fund

Established: May 13th, 2020
Number of Investors: 1

Board of Directors

Wayne Liang

Former Chair, MStar Semiconductor Inc.

Ming Yin Tsai

Former Director of Legal Affairs, MStar Semiconductor Inc.

Chih-Kai (CK), Cheng

Chair, B Current Impact Investment


Cathy Tsai

Former Board of Directors, MStar Charitable Foundation

Fund 5

Established: May 25th, 2022
Number of Limited Partners: 23